Why Data Collection is Essential in Healthcare

Data collection is essential in research, evaluating outcomes, and answering questions. In healthcare especially, data collection enables the industry to be prepared for possible future outbreaks of diseases. It enables researchers to arrive at conclusions based on data and facts. Graphs and statistics can be made to better lay out and visualize trends in data. When you have data collected, you can be better prepared for the future.
As for COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we collect data and analyze trends. If there is ever a Coronavirus outbreak again, with the data we have analyzed and collected, we will be more prepared in planning resources such as masks, hospital beds, medical staff, and treating symptoms. Even if a future outbreak is not related to the Coronavirus, it is important to understand the steps we need to take during a pandemic and how to be prepared and data collection enables that. It is important to learn from the past and data collection allows that. Without data analytics, we would not be prepared for future medical crises and situations may rise out of control. Research can also bring about treatment options and plays a significant role in helping patients. It can even help improve communication methods between doctors and patients and predict a patient’s stay time at a hospital.

The COVID-19 research tool enables us to collect data and contribute to research in healthcare. People can daily log in their symptoms and help us keep the Coronavirus more controlled in the future and prevent further worldwide pandemics. Even if you are not sick, it is important we collect that data. Whenever research is being conducted, it is essential to have some type of control to compare the data to and helps make the research more valid and thorough. 

This tool is focused on people who do not require immediate medical care but can still log their data. The more data we can get, the more valid our research can be. Privacy is protected, and all the information is confidential, so users’ information is safe and secure. The COVID-19 research tool makes use of machine learning to analyze data and trends. It enables data collection to be much more efficient and is easier to examine. The use of machine learning in healthcare is greatly important as with new technology and resources, we can improve peoples’ lives and create a better future. 
Data collection boosts healthcare and brings about change for the better. It will improve the healthcare industry and research in many aspects and prepare us for a greater and more advanced future. 

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